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Cluster / Orchestration solution

In order to achieve a true modern stack, we need a cluster orchestrator. This is achieved using mesos, marathon and chronos.

This project will mature around these, once the project includes some executables it will likely come pre-configured with marathon configuration and HA-Proxy bridge.

Each and every one of the machines in the cluster are "slaves" orchestrated by the master.

The default installation (for now) includes a single master that has everything on it mesos, zookeeper and marathon

In order to bootstrap the cluster go to terraform/cluster and execute the following commands.

$ export $MY_IP=`curl -s | sed -e "s/.*Current IP Address: //" -e "s/<.*$//"`
$ terraform get
$ terraform apply -var key_name=production -var your_ip_address=$MY_IP

This will start a new server instance for you.

After you bootstrap the server, terraform will spit out an IP for you, you use this IP in order to configure the serevr with chef.

$  bin/knife bootstrap YOUR_SERVER_IP -r "role[base],role[marathon]" -E production -x ubuntu --sudo

This will install everything and start all the services you need on that server.

You are now ready to deploy services using Mesos and Marathon.

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