The Startup Stack

The Startup Stack

The Startup Stack

This is a completely optional stage and you can delay this to later when you are ready to think about working in a cluster and deploying docker containers.

The startup stack comes ready with mesos, zookeeper, marathon and slave configuration in order to make sure you can get started relatively easily with deploying applications to a cluster.

This project will mature around these, once the project includes some executables it will likely come pre-configured with marathon configuration and HA-Proxy bridge.

The default installation (for now) includes a single master that has everything on it mesos, zookeeper and marathon

In order to bootstrap the cluster go to terraform/cluster and execute the following commands.

$ export $MY_IP=`curl -s | sed -e "s/.*Current IP Address: //" -e "s/<.*$//"`
$ terraform get
$ terraform apply -var key_name=production -var your_ip_address=$MY_IP

This will start a new server instance for you.

After you bootstrap the server, terraform will spit out an IP for you, you use this IP in order to configure the serevr with chef.

$  bin/knife bootstrap YOUR_SERVER_IP -r "role[base],role[marathon]" -E production -x ubuntu --sudo

This will install everything and start all the services you need on that server.

You are now ready to deploy services using Mesos and Marathon.

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